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Danielle Class of 2015

Danielle 1

Meet Danielle senior class of 2015. Danielle is a just a straight awesome senior. Laid back, Cool, and just straight easy going. Danielle wanted to do a trio of locations ranging from urban to beach. We spent the majority of a Saturday afternoon with her and her mom Patrica. We could not have had a better time. Laughing and joking from the very start.

Danielle 2 - Copy


For her first location she wanted to do a high fashion urban theme, and boy did she come dressed for it. Her skirt and shirt just screamed high fashion, and did we mention the shoes? Yeah cheetah print heels for sure. We wandered the back alleys and city streets looking for the perfect spots to shoot. Let me say boy did we find some good spots. We even ended up on the city hall steps. She stole all the attention of passing cars as well. As I stood across the sreet waiting for the clearing to get that one shot.


Danielle 3 - Copy


Danielle 4 - Copy


From the city we headed deep into the country to an old historic castle to shoot in the vineyards. The light and setting were absolutely perfect for this session. Add a little fill flash, and BAM gorgeous. We joked constantly and got so many unposed laughs and smiles out of her. Just to show the true personality of Danielle. The vineyards proved to be my favorite of the whole session. Just look at the gorgeous images we got.


Danielle 5 - Copy


We could not have asked for a better location for the casual part of her session. The grass fading into winter dormancy, the vines yielding grapes and fading to yellow, and don’t forget the historic house in the back.


Danielle 6 - Copy


Even the bridge leading us back to the car was so perfect we just had to stop. Simply put her on a bench, and put my lights up. The rest we just talked and laughed while I constantly took shots. Even got a duck face in there somewhere ( no worries we wont show that one :) ). Overall just an absolute great time here.


Danielle 7 - Copy


Lastly Danielle wanted a beach session. PERFECT because we loooovvvvveeeee beach sessions. She went with a straight up casual jeans and shirt. Well it was perfect until we arrived……….we got out the car, and BAM 30+ mph winds were coming straight off the water. So not only was it a bit chilly, but we got straight sandblasted in the process.


Danielle 8 - Copy


Danielle was still a trooper, and put on a very cute outfit matching sweater. She marched on through the wind and sand like there was no problem. Regardless of the weather we got some gorgeous images. We even pulled out some sunset shots. My lights….wellll……they didn’t work on a stand so had to be hand held by my daughter. Coming through like a hero to save the lighting day.


Danielle 9

Danielle as we learned is a very intelligent, and level headed girl. My favorite quote from her is going to be this “ I am actually most proud of finding myself and learning to be my own person, to do what makes me happy. Although I’m only 17 I feel over the years I have made a lot of improvements in my life thanks to my close friends and family.” Spoken like a true philosopher even adding this ” I have a very small amount of close friends, I mostly keep to myself, I would rather have 2 best friends than a million acquaintances!” For this Danielle we truly admire you, and you will go far in life ahead of you.


Congratulations Danielle Class of 2015.

Mariah’s Country Senior Session

Mariah country 2


I have been busy lately editing, and slacking on the blog. This is Mariah’s second location for her senior session. She kept it true to the roots and went country. The boots, the dress, and OMG the hat like yeah.


Mariah country 1


When she came up with this concept I knew exactly where we were going to go. I mean what better place to do a country shoot then an old barn? I mean right? The location was perfect. The day was gorgeous, and the light was perfect. add my little bit of flash kick, and WOW what great shots we got.


Mariah country 3


Just look at those shots. Was she not made for this? Country girl to the roots, and shes not really that country. We found soooo many perfect little spots to shoot, and she even found a great spot for a little hat over the head nap time :).


Mariah country 4


We also added her pride and joy to the shoot as well. I mean what a prop. I could not have asked for a better suited prop then her Mustang. All shined up and looking as good as she did. I broke out all the flashes for some of these shots to add the drama I have come to love in the sky.


Mariah…Class of 2015!!!!!!!!!!

Mariah Senior 1


Although weddings are a specialty of ours we do love our seniors. This senior in particular has a very special meaning to us. Meet Mariah Dare. Class of 2015 at Nansemond River High School. Mariah has a unique personality, and a few secret advantages in the photography world. See she is not only our assistant at weddings and large shoots, but Mariah is our daughter. The first of our two children, and our baby girl. Regardless of age, grade, status, etc she will forever be in our hearts as our baby. So this session has an extra special meaning to us.


Mariah Senior 2


Mariah styled this first of many upcoming senior sessions all by her self. She wanted something urban/old rustic to shoot at. Enter my location at the Historic Fort Monroe. I didn’t bore her with the history lesson of this location, but rather just said “Its old. Very Old and would be rustic?” Perfect she said. So we packed up the car with equipment and rolled out for her first of many planned sessions.


Mariah Senior 3


Being she wanted urban/Rustic, and the wardrobe she picked out I felt a dramatic spotlight type lighting would be perfect. I mean what high school senior does not love the spotlight? So we literally broke out the spotlight flash unit and lite her. Problem was my main lighting assistant was now under the light instead of behind it?????? So enter those really cool heavy sandbags I bought awhile ago to hold the stands up for me. POOOOWWWWW. Mariah straight rocked this session out. With my wife’s awesome poses and Mariah’s ease of facial expressions this session rocked.


Mariah Senior 4


With her first session done and over we are already planning for the next. Of course the beach is on the list without question, and a country session I have up my sleeve. We may just hit the big city to cap it off.


Congratulations Mariah. We love you so much, and are proud of your accomplishments daily. XOXOXOXOXO

A Dancers Love

Olivia 1


“Dance is a way to find yourself, and lose yourself all at the same time”


A dancers love is strong, and in this session it was apparent with Olivia. Her love for ballet and tap follows her in every movement she makes, So why would we not capture that in her session?


Olivia 2


“Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another”

Set at the gorgeous Hunington beach park, Olivias session was blessed with wonderful location and spectacular light. Shot entirely with natural light, and so gorgeous it was.


Olivia 3


Talk about a gorgeous smile. Olivia brought out her personality and posed awesome for the camera.

Ro Bridal session

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This Bride was gorgeous in her mermaid type gown from Davids Bridal. The detail in the dress was amazing to say the least, and a perfect fit for her. From the elegant strapless top to the gorgeous silk bow, and all the way down to the train it was elegant.


Bridal spread 2

We had such a great time here on her session. I cant count the amount of people we attracted to watch as we set up lights, and posed her to the background. Person after person telling her how gorgeous she looked. Talk about a perfect way to try out the dress. Her earrings, and braclet were the perfect amount of bling to not steal the attention from her and the gown.


Bridal spread 3


Wow what an amazing location to use. The city center of newport news was fantastic. This was the first time we have shot there, and may I say…..we will be back. Ro personally asked to use the fountains, and we can see why. The fountains did not steal her glory, but instead emphasized her.


Bridal spread 4


What bride does not want to be pampered, complimented, and just made a princess for a day? This is exactly what Ro received. Location after location she looked amazing in her dress. From the fountains to the revolving door to the gazebo. Simply stunning.


Bridal spread 1


This is why we push the bridal session so much. A chance for the bride to be treated as a princess as she should be. A reason to put on that gorgeous dress. A test run so to say on makeup for the big day.

Blog 1


I had the honor of photographing Master Chief Gray’s retirement ceremony. May I say how much of an honor it truly was. I went into the day batteries charged, flashes packed, and lenses and cameras ready to go. I was on my own this day,  because my lovely assistant (wife) got called into work last minute. No problem at all. I can easily handle this. Pack all my gear into the car and away I go. Norfolk Navel Base bound, and may I say another remarkable place. Once at the venue I quickly go to work. Setting up two flashes, and getting the camera dialed in to go to work. Ready, set, and go. I was never expecting the emotion that I soon found this ceremony to be. A ceremony of honor, courage, devotion, and hard work. Not to mention a deep love of family.


Blog 2


A sailors love runs deep for his family. It is easy to see that every sailor appreciates every second they have with their family. Master Chief Gray was no different. Spanning four generations all were present to watch his glorious day. Even his grandson joined him on stage, and I don’t believe there was a non smiling face in the house. Emotions were high, and tears were flowing.


Blog 3


The part that really got me even tearing up was the reading of “Old Glory”. This is a unique and very moving poem written about our flag as Americans. Paired with the unfolding and refolding of the flag itself made for a truly moving speech. If you ever have the honor to attend an event such as this I encourage you to attend. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house during this poem. I do alot of event photography, but I was not expecting emotion on this level from this event.


Blog 4


After the ceremony it was time to PARTY. A well suited patriotic decor graced the Portsmouth Firefighters union hall. All the way down to the cupcakes the patriotic theme was carried out. Ooooo so yummy food was in abundance, and an overall feeling of joy in the hall. Many many people came out to congratulate Master Chief Gray, and his accomplishment of 30 years in the Navy. Serving our country to his fullest, and sacrificing all a sailor gives up for us.


For this Scott on the behalf of all Americans I THANK YOU.


Congratulations Master Chief Gray.

The Bridal Session

spread 2


Perhaps one of the key items we offer. Not only does this session give you the chance to wear that gorgeous gown you bought, but it also gives you the opportunity to test different hair and makeup themes before your big day. We like to call it practice for the bride only. We ask that you bring along your maid of honor, mom, and any other GIRL friends with you. After all this session is all about the girls.


Page 25-26 Spread


Try out your shoes and see if they are really what you want. A tiara……..absolutely yeah bring that. The veil……duh of course we want that. Bouquet…..of course because no bride is complete without it. Bring it…. bring it all. Lets capture all those little things. All the stuff you paid so much money for. The things you will forever cherish. Lets freeze these things in time.


Bonus Spread-2


Lets not forget about the location. Is there a place that means the world to you? A place you go to forget the world. A place that you can just be you. These are the places we want to use for your bridal session. Dont worry about getting the dress dirty, because we take great pride in our job. We use something special to move your in your dress around in. It goes down onto any surface before your dress does. Then the dress is placed, and then tucked under the edge. This allows us to shoot on the beach, and still give you a gorgeously clean dress.


spread 3


Smile for this is YOUR day. The day you are forever frozen in time as the gorgeous bride you are and will be.  The day that you and your friends will remember forever. This session is not all about the pictures, but also about the fun. No stress, no worries, no problems. Just pure gorgeous fun.


Page 15-16 Spread


Contact us now to book your bridal session @ freshlookimages@aol.com

Its all About the details!!!

We see them everywhere at every wedding we go to. The little things the bride and groom have spent their time and money creating. The table tops, and the cakes. Every little detail perfectly thought out to create one gorgeous day. So we at Fresh Look Images love to showcase these little details, and make them the star. 





All the details of a couples special day mean just as much to us as they do to them. Details are another of our favorite things to capture. We spend special time away from the hustle and bustle of the day, and just shoot away at all the tiny details that makes the wedding unique. Nothing overlooked all the way down to the shoes :)












Although we don’t ever get to eat much cake, if any at all. we do like to photograph them. The sheer beauty of them is just worth the shot.






So hopefully you can see its not about how much they cost or how big they are its the details that make the evening. No matter how small or large they each have a role to play, and it is our goal to capture everyone of them for forever.



The rings of eternal love



Quite possibly our favorite thing to capture. The rings. The symbol of eternal love that comes in many styles, sizes, and metals is always a classic. The meaning of love formed into a solid circle and placed on the love of your lifes finger.






No matter where we decide to place these rings to photograph them they still steal all the glory. These rings were placed on top of wine glasses in the reception hall kitchen. The glasses were in a simple rack awaiting to be placed on the tables. Simply placed the rings on the top of one glass just created the perfect backdrop for the perfect beauty. The brides shoe was also used to showcase just her engagement ring. What a gorgeous shot showing the attention to bling all the way down to the shoes. :)




Simply placed the ring on the stairs to the venue, and adding the bouquet made this shot come alive. Just look at the detail in the diamond. Truly beautiful.






Be them silver or gold the beauty of the ring, and the meaning behind them is priceless. You would never guess these shots above were actually shot on a picnic table outside would you? Well they were. A simple black iron picnic table became our backdrop for the ring shots? Really you may ask, but we say why not? The beauty of the rings will steal the highlight regardless of the location.


_MG_0573 _MG_0560


The purpose of this post is to show that it does not matter the size, quality, metal, or color of the ring. The meaning is love. Plain and simple beauty of love.




The true meaning of marriage……..Love.







Taylor-Scott Wedding



From beginning to end this wedding was alot of fun. We started at the Hilton in Suffolk,Va for formal shots before the ceremony. This is normally done after the ceremony, but with such a big bridal party the bride requested before. This was an absolutely great idea. We were able to use the gorgeous location to allow this couple awesome alone time with spectacular shots.






Quita’s dress from Davids Bridal was just plain gorgeous. The attention to detail, and beautiful veil just fit her perfectly. Paired with his so very classy tuxedo this couple made our job so easy to capture. The docks made for a gorgeous backdrop for their special alone time, and was much needed for them before the ceremony. It just allows them to be alone, laugh, and play before the ceremony in front of family and friends. After all that is why they fell in love with each other to begin with.








The details for the ceremony and reception were to die for. The attention to every color, and perfect match along the tables was simply amazing. The bouquets held by the brides maids were gorgeous to say the least. We just loved this shot of the bouquet taking the glory against the brides maids dresses. Showing the true contrast of color.




With this ring I thee wed. We are so honored to have the opportunity to capture these moments for couples. It is moments like these that allow us to keep going on as a married couple ourselves. Love is in the air, and here to stay.




This shot just melted our hearts. As parents ourselves we understand the passion behind a shot like this. Truly the reason we as people keep pushing on. As we toast to the newly weds we still have an eternal love for our children.






Lastly one of our favorite things to capture. The rings. Simply the most amazing, and purest sign of true love. A token of a couples true admiration for each other.


CONGRATULATIONS To the happy Scott couple.